COVID 19 Announcement

As an Internet and Telecommunication Service Provider, Telesmart qualifies as an Essential Service Provider. We continue to conduct Business as usual, supporting our customers, partners, personnel and NZ. We are currently giving prioritisation to the Health Sector, Community Welfare and other Essential Service Providers where necessary.

For all enquiries please call 0800 TELESMART (0800 835376) or email us at or

Telesmart Networks AS133075 supports the exchange of IPv4 and IPv6 prefix information via common Internet exchange points and private direct interconnects. We have an open peering policy, requiring a minimum of 50 Mbps of in-continent traffic destined to or through your network.

We require an up-to-date PeeringDB entry for all public peering requests, including exchange information with properly formatted public fabric addresses, ASNs, and NOC/peering contact information. We ask that peers also maintain their private peering facility details.

Peering Information



Peering Policy


Private Peering

Available for high bandwidth peers and content providers. Supported at all peering locations.

Suggested Max Prefixes




Contact Information

Operations, +64 4 896 4466

Corporate Address

Level 3, 107 Customhouse Quay
New Zealand

Peering Locations

Please refer to the PeeringDB record.